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Her castmates are also supportive of Carrie – she says that Celinde [Schoenmaker] is “really excited” to read her book.(Celinde is one of the people Carrie shares her dressing room with, and has appeared in some of her videos.) So what’s next?And while there’s no denying that You Tube is a big part of Carrie’s life, she hopes people don’t categorise it as ‘just another You Tube book’.“Technically it is, because it’s come off the back of a You Tube channel, but I hope people reading it realise it’s more than that,” she explains.(The story may have been around for 150 years, and the musical for 35, but don’t worry, there are no plot spoilers here!

“I just bought a flat, I’ve got a mortgage and bills to pay.Carrie’s obvious excitement that she has a book coming out is only slightly tempered with worry.With the title of ‘honorary big sister’ comes big responsibility, which Carrie is only too aware of. “You need to hope that teenagers are savvy enough when choosing their role models that they pick people who have good morals and beliefs.The book started life as her blog of the same name, which came about as a result of people asking for advice through social media.“I wanted to write the advice down so people could find it again and refer to it – I could also make sure it was succinct, and if I wanted to add to it later, I could go back and edit the post,” she says.

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