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Canada dating and marriage

Tragically, in some ultraconservative ethnic cultures, opposition to inter-ethnic marriages exists in the form of so-called “honour killings.”In “honour killings,” fathers, mothers and other family members feel entitled to murder young females who dare to experiment with liberal ways regarding relationships, including dating outside their ethnic group.

There are even more subtle shifts – involving demographics – working against mixed unions.

Let’s examine the influences working for and against mixed unions – beginning with evidence indicating inter-ethnic relationships could become a mass movement.

Now that visible minorities make up one out of five Canadians, personal ads in newspapers and on the web boldly reveal many North Americans are dazzled by the chance to date or marry across ethnic lines.

They feel the tide toward mixed relationships is good and inexorable.

Indeed, mixed unions are on a roll in North America.

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There is no doubt more Canadians are having wedding rituals that blend traditions, clergy and officials from multiple spiritual world views.