Dating an armenian girl speed dating tete a claque

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Dating an armenian girl

Im with armenian guy, he's older than me 11 years, he lives in Poland 5 years now. We met more than 6 months ago and we are couple 6 months. We got engagement and we were planing wedding in next 2 or 3 months... Whatever his sister says he does, he cannt live without this family, they are the most important in the world and me his future wife ???? I heard lot of bad things about armenian but I wish hear something good, are there any mixed couples , happy wifes who can share with me how to solve problems?

Everythin was great till he had his own flat but after he moved to his sister house and everything started changing... whatever I say he just forgetsor doesnt follow at all.... but im not saying about armenian girls just about armenian-different nationality relationships.

becausue I have heard armenian girls opinions..Im not armenian.

Im polish girl, here everything is different and I didnt grow up in armenian culture.

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I really dig this girl, and she is sweet, hot, and smart....

any advice on how to keep this realationship moving forward we already talking about the language barriers, and we agreed that if anything happened she would love for me to learn armenian, and she will learn my language as well, not that it matters to me, because it what makes her happy of course.....thoughts?

The man that I love I cant leave...though we got many problems.

Last time he said he won't help me in house even if i have kids and many stuffs t odo because this is girls job, only when we are alone I can ask him for help.

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