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“When the show was done, it wasn’t like we lost our whole context in the world,” he says.“It was almost like we had this fantastic extracurricular activity.

Still, it was fun to watch them watch generation-old clips of their precocious selves selected by the effusive moderator, "Fresh Air" TV critic David Bianculli. The DVD bonus features include a landmark reunion of the show’s cast members, which Mc Kellar said “was the first time in 16 years that all of us had been together in the same place.” While the “The Wonder Years” has remained well-liked since it has gone off the air, it seems that the DVD release has revived so much interest in the show that even the prestigious Smithsonian Museum has come calling. And they do.” “The Wonder Years” season 1 DVD is currently in stores. Savage’s mother kept Kevin Arnold’s famous green Jets jacket after the show ended. The DVD box set of the complete series can be purchased online at No bashing cars with umbrellas, no “Showgirls” on their résumés.The stars credit the close-knit group of parents on the set for keeping them grounded.

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“To all of our moms, the kids’ well-being and education was the most important thing, and the show came down the list,” Mc Kellar says.