Java validating xml against schema

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* * @param xsd Files Paths String representations of paths/names * of XSD files.

* @return Stream Source instances representing XSDs.

For this demonstration, I'm using a very simple manifestation of a Servlet 2.5 file that has a "title" element not specified in the associated Servlet 2.5 XSD. As mentioned earlier, this simple tool requires JDK 8 as currently written but could be easily adapted to work on JDK 5, JDK 6, or JDK 7.

The output with the most significant portions of the error message highlighted is shown after the code listing.

* * This method can be commented out if using a version of * Java prior to JDK 8.Essence of Validating XML Against XSD with Java The previous code listing shows the straightforward approach available in the standard JDK for validating XML against XSDs. * @param xsd Files Paths And Names XSDs against which to validate the XML; * should not be null or empty.*/ public static void validate Xml Against Xsds( final String xml File Path And Name, final String[] xsd Files Paths And Names) instance can be obtained with the specified type of schema (XMLConstants. This method also handles the various types of exceptions that might be thrown during the validation process.The Error Handler used for the examples is a very simple one which reports the error to and continues until the XML document has been fully parsed or until a fatal-error has been reported.Namespaces have been introduced to XML after the first specification of XML had received the official W3C Recommendation status.

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To highlight that the DTD has been used for the validation, the title attribute in the input document has a value which is not allowed according to this DTD.

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