Responsible for updating and communicating a strategic plan Moblie free fuck chat

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Responsible for updating and communicating a strategic plan

Hanover College will be recognized throughout the tri-state (IN, KY, and OH) region as a diverse learning community that excels in preparing students for professions and advanced study by combining a transformative liberal arts education with educational opportunities in distinctive professional disciplines.

Through excellent undergraduate programs, meaningful co-curricular experiences, graduate programs in high demand fields, and accelerated pathways to graduate study, Hanover will be the college of choice for the region’s most well prepared high school seniors and for all students who seek to make a difference in local and global communities.

This strategic plan will refine Hanover’s identity.

The integrated plan is a sustainable approach to long-term success that builds relationships, aligns the institution and emphasizes preparedness for change.

Where applicable, detailed narratives communicate Hanover 2020 – Clear Vision plan updates.

By living into Hanover’s mission and vision, Hanover 2020 – Clear Vision, is designed to elevate Hanover to a new level of increased enrollment, improved student outcomes, strengthened alumni and community engagement and financial stability and economic sustainability.

Hanover 2020 – Clear Vision will position the College to be more adaptive and agile compared to simply be more efficient.

Note that additional content regarding each Key Action can be revealed using the button beside the action.

While it is not possible for the vision to cater to every stakeholder as it cannot be everything to everyone; Hanover will be inclusive and welcoming to a diversity of thoughts and ideas that galvanize our shared efforts and coalesce the purposeful and meaningful good work of our passionate stakeholders.

Hanover 2020 – Clear Vision is driven by four strategic goals, each pillar supports our institutional mission and are all interrelated.

We welcome your feedback on Hanover 2020 – Clear Vision.

Please submit your comments and ideas through the suggestion box below.

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