Ricky gervais dating jane fallon

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to hosting the Golden Globes four times, Ricky Gervais has had his girlfriend Jane Fallon at his side throughout his entire journey. RELATED VIDEO: Ricky Gervais Says He Wants to Host the Golden Globes Again – and Reveals Which Celebs Got Mad about His Zingers Fallon, who’s an author and now 56, knew why it took Gervais as long as it did to find his niche.

She is the author of best-selling novels like, Got You Back, Skeletons, Getting Rid of Matthew, Foursome and The Ugly Sister.

It's been 10 years since I left TV and I haven't looked back. I think people have got over thinking that I'm drawing on my own life. If people thought that was based on my life, I would be in trouble!

My latest book, Strictly Between Us, centres on two friends, Tamsin and Michelle, who've been inseparable since childhood. But I always force myself to write something, even if I'm not that happy with it, just to get the ball rolling.

I could open the fridge from the bed.” The apartment’s other amenities were even less desirable.

She lives in north London with her long-term partner, comedian Ricky Gervais. But my parents ran a newsagent and I thought you had to come from a literary family to be a 'proper' writer. It was eight pages long with illustrations and I tried to get my dad to sell my books in his shop.

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Ricky Gervais is the host of the Golden Globes again this year, so who is the woman attached to the comedian.