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Gold never became a leader of the group, being overshadowed by the dominant trio, yet he wholeheartedly threw in his lot with them. The Weathermen hated Whites with a virulent intensity, and they campaigned against—perhaps you have encountered this term—“White privilege.” (The modern theory of “White privilege” derives from Theodore Allen, a Communist non-Jew, and the Jew Noel Ignatiev, whose work was very influential with the New Left.) The Weathermen conceived their role as working to initiate a struggle on U. soil to join the worldwide revolutionary struggle against White colonial domination, with the goal of overthrowing the U. Weatherman, while operating within the larger Marxist worldview of “oppression,” “imperialism,” and “exploitation,” transferred their agent of revolution from the proletariat (which was too White and satisfied to participate in their program) to the Blacks and coloreds of the world — to the groups they considered most likely to rain destruction down upon the hated Whites.

They planned to muster thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of angry young people to revolt in the streets of the Windy City. Most of the Weathermen were present, but only a few score of outsiders.

His real importance, however, lies not in his spectacular demise, but rather in his frank public call for a communist dictatorship in this country, run by a revolutionary committee from the Third World.

Consistent with the thesis that Jews place a high value on group interests, Gold worked unwaveringly within a mainstream Jewish subculture against Whites and White power, the enemy whose destruction many Jews thought would advance their own influence and power.

In the course of the revolt, however, Gold reportedly grew attracted to Rudd’s flamboyant revolutionary style, and became convinced of the political value of violence.

His transformation from mild-mannered leftist “organizer” to (literal) bomb-throwing Communist revolutionary had begun.

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Weatherman In the summer of 1969, the radical leaders of the Columbia strike, along with like-minded SDS agitators from the Midwest—among them the now-famous Bill Ayers—forced a break with the more moderate mass of SDSers.

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