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Sex chats secret lisining

One day it just kinda clicked in my brain when I was blaring it in my room?

"–mayaha "I was 18 before I figured out what 'Little Red Corvette' was all about.

The lyrics to that song are not even remotely subtle.

To a little kid though, butts are funny and anacondas are snakes!

I was mortified when I heard that song as an adult and realized it was about a boner."–Juliemazur "The song talks about 'loving herself' and I genuinely thought she actually loved herself and her body/personality.

Little did I know she was actually being very sexual.

I just always thought it was a vague and kind of nonsensical love song.

H/t to my kid brother for filling me in when I mentioned thinking about singing it at karaoke."–danerkebab "I had no idea 'Fergalicious' by Fergie was about oral at all until this summer (I’m 21). I heard the lines about tasting things and I was like I guess she has some good chapstick or something."–emilys405016583 "This song came out when I was like 12…

Annnnd I didn’t realise it was about sex until three years ago when I was 25."–chelseae4a71020c0"I was young when it came out and I was obsessed with it!

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"–amandaglad "I’d listen to their song 'When The Lights Go Out' on repeat when I was about 10. "–amandar4baeb4f23 "I just about died when it finally clicked in my head that the song was about sex, specifically the chorus part.