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Sex dating in cripple creek colorado

"If I spring a leak, she me mends me." If he's feeling warn out and needs some time away from real life to get is morale up she helps him.

" in reference to "When are you coming to Colorado Springs? I know the woman this was written about, no names, and Clarkesville Ga had it the closest.I was born in Lake Charles and lived there most of my life...I heard "Dips her doughnut in my tea..." I thought of the times we dipped donuts or cookies in coffee..people from the north drink more "tea"....I figured he liked his hot tea better than our hot Community Coffee (or Seaport) : )Betting a horse to "show" means that you are betting that the horse will come in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.I have always thought that the ending is a surprise and an ironic/a wry comment on the man's shallow character - he raves on about how Bessie is the love of his life, but then is back on the road home to his other woman.Check out Garth Hudson's work on Neko Case's album Fox Confessor.

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