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Swap nude pictures by cell phone

Boys feel the pressure too, she says: "I think guys ask for pictures with the expectation that the girl will say no, but they ask anyway because they feel like that's part of being a guy."While both genders create and send around risqué images—sexting often seems to include a promise of reciprocity, an "I'll send you mine if you send me yours" sort of thing—in almost all instances reported in the media, it's the girl's photo that goes viral, which can make the exchange far more dangerous for her.

"Guys are more open to showing their friends pictures of a girl, either because they think she's hot or because they want to make fun of her," Kat says.

"When teachers are hammering you with the scary, nitty-gritty details of sex—yet your friends are pressuring you to do it—engaging in an act reminiscent of sex is almost like a safe compromise," says 20-year-old Lauren,* who often exchanges suggestive pictures and texts with her long-distance boyfriend.

"In a mature relationship with someone I trust and am able to talk to, sexting can be really nice.

She didn't ("I drew a picture and was like, ' Here they are!

'"), but she knows of many girls who would have.

In recent years more than 20 states—including California, New York, and New Jersey—have introduced laws aimed at teens caught sexting.

Kat, a seventeen-year-old from San Francisco, says her friends sext all day long, ducking into bathrooms between classes to snap provocative shots destined for their boyfriends or simply guys they're interested in. In one case, Kat says, she heard about a boy from a different school printing a photo he'd received and handing out copies.

Copyright When Scarlett Johansson was victimized by a hacker who stole her nude pictures (taken herself) directly from her cell phone, her attorneys wasted no time: they registered the photos with the U. Copyright Office and declared Johansson the “copyright owner” of the photos.

Next, the attorneys sent out takedown notices to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and websites, alleging copyright infringement due to unauthorized publication.

Like the girl whose fully naked likeness landed in Rachel's inbox a few years back.

The boy who'd originally received the picture, Rachel remembers, forwarded the image to another girl who circulated it all over town.

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Rachel was in seventh grade when she got her first sext request.